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Instagram has changed a lot since it first launched. In the beginning it was all about the arty-indie images and the heavy use of filters. Then it has progressed beyond that and almost no instagram-superstar uses heavy filterers and frames anymore and everyone is aiming for pro-photo quality, attention to detail and elaborative storytelling.

I’ve gathered 5 creative instagram accounts that I think uses the strenghts of instagram brilliantly. And a few notes on what they have in common, in the end – which you can take with you and learn from.

1. Mattel


Mattel has created a instagram account for Barbie which has breathtaking attention to detail, images of Barbie all over the world – which prompts a double take, is that really a doll and uses creative and relevant storytelling.


2. Gala Darling


Gala Darlings instagram account is a refection of her personal brand, personality and her style in excruciating well done detail. Her instagram account reflects the way she speaks, dress, write and the imagery she uses for her blog. She is perfectly consistent with her brand and whom she is. Teaching self-love to millions of women and doing so in her bright fuchsia pink, glittery unique way. All the way from instagram to her business cards – she is on point with her brand.


3. Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump mixes stills of her products, with photography of her life, encouraging quotes from other women and “in the life” photos of her being a proud mom, training for the marathon etc. Ivanka Trumps instagram is both inspiring and authentic with the perfect mix of her products, brand, personal life and with a strong stand on empowering women in the work life throughout.


4. Kate Spade


Kate Spade mix lifestyle, with clever brand photography brilliantly. With lifestyle I mean beautiful photos of places with or without their products that “a Kate Spade girl” dreams about or aspire to be in either it be clothes or just a piece of cake on a plate – they manage to get it to practically scream Kate Spade. They know their target audience well. Fun loving, coky, bold and colourful.


5. Living Magazine/Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart (mainly Living Magazine) does a great job on Instagram. They have so many high quality photos to use from the magazines which makes a stunning instagram feed filled with food, drink, flowers, interior inspiration and more. They have a consistent look and feel in their photography which is unmatched. When you see a photo from Living Magazine – without any reference to the magazine – you can see based on the styling and lightning that it’s from the magazine.

What these five accounts have in common:
  • Storytelling – most of them take time telling a story, and doing in consistent and well.
  • Still life compositions – both with or without their products, as well as choosing items that reflect their brand.
  • Lifestyle – either incorporated in the still life compositions or in the story they tell. They done so around a lifestyle their target audience dream about or aspire towards.
  • Using inspiring quotes – delivered in a well designed format including a slick brand reference.
  • High quality photography – most of the images are not shot with an iPhone but with a DSLR.
  • Their branding outside their brand- ie the colors of the flowers, cutlery, porcelain, patterns etc.
  • Not a heavy filer or frame in sight. (probably only filters for improving lightning etc or adding a fuchsia pink veil/gradient to an image to reflect the Gala brand)

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Image sources: all photos are copyrighted to the specific person or brand. I’ve only used them on the site and borrowed them from each instagram account for inspirational and educational purposes.

Image sources: all photos are copyrighted to the specific person or brand. I’ve only used them on the site and borrowed them from each instagram account for inspirational and educational purposes.

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