business and marketing books

Business & marketing books

As I love to read I’ve devoured my fair share of business and marketing books throughout the years. Here are some that I highly recommend because I found them either useful, inspiring or just enjoyable. Some of them have links to a deeper review I’ve written in my blog.

Some of these books mix a biography perspective as well as a business or organisational perspective. Hence why some books may at first glance dont be related to business, however I think they contain useful lessons for either leadership, maintaining a healthy attitude, overcoming challanges and so forth. That I think is a really useful perspective to read from for personal development and progress. 

finding my virginity richard branson




Finding my Virginity – Richard Branson



Leave your mark – Aliza Licht

allmarketersareliars All Marketers are liars – Seth Godin

[col2]linchpinLinchpin, are you indispensable -Seth Godin

thriveThrive – Arianna Huffington

nice girls dont get the corner office

Nice girls don’t get the corner office – Lois. P.Frankel 

leaninLean In – Sheryl Sandberg

girlboss#Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso


designing brand identity









Designing brand identity – Alina Wheeler 


maket it all about me


Make it all about me – Rasmus Houlind & Colin Shearer


non violent communication

Nonviolent Communication – Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD

becoming michelle obama

Becoming – Michelle Obama 

blue ocean strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy – W.Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne


ifyouaregoingtocrygooutsideIf you are going to cry, go outside – Kelly Cutrone


screwitletsdoitScrew it, lets do it – Richard Branson


creative inc

Creative, INC – Meg Mateo Ilasco, Joy Deangdeelert Cho


business-stripped-bareBusiness Stripped Bare – Richard Branson


thesellThe Sell – Fredrik Eklund


[col1]leadershipThe leadership book – Mark Anderson


focusFocus – Daniel Goleman


ted talks book












Ted Talks – Chris Anderson


blog inc












Blog INC – Joy Deangdeelert Cho


this is marketing seth godin

This is marketing – Seth Godin


principles ray dalio

Principles – Ray Dalio 


jabjabjabrighthookJab, jab, jab, right hook – Gary Vaynerchuk


predictably-irrationalPredictably irrational – Dan Aierly


thejellyeffectThe Jelly Effect – Andy Bounds

do cool shit miki agrawal



How to be an overnight success –  Maria Hatzistefanis 



The dip – Seth Godin

blogging for creatives

Blogging for creatives – Robin Houghton


the woman i wanted to be - diane von furstenberg

The woman I wanted to be – Diane Von Fürstenberg


it's not how good you are it's how good you want to be


It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be – Paul Arden