praise veronica stenberg


“I strongly recommend Veronica for her services in the digital marketing space. I have worked with Veronica in her capacity as Client Director BeBetterOnline for Nouryon where she has provided solid advice for our google advertising, been able to support our multiple accounts with solid planning and proposals based on our current challenges. She has consistently delivered advice above and beyond the immediate assignment, with a sense for applicable trends and opportunities suited to our industry. She is swift to respond, customer-focused and a valuable asset to any company or agency.”

– Anna Nicklin
Global Digital Communications Manager at Nouryon Chemicals B.V.
April 7, 2020

I have worked close with Veronica for more than a year. She is very customer focused and well organized. She helped our company bringing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising to the next level, while easily navigating through the complexity of the business we are in. Her flexibility and pro-activeness made working with her easy and a pleasure.

– Haimo Tonnaer
Driving digital innovation at Nouryon
March 20, 2020

It has been amazing having Veronica as a marketing and strategy expert, creating content for a membership site and community for female entrepreneurs. She is highly ambitious, a true expert, but she has a way of making difficult things seem easy by sharing her knowledge through well-written articles.

– Malin Högström,
CEO, Female Founders Club

Veronica is a very knowledgeable and structured person. She has amazing skills in Ominchannel and CRM, which really became useful when Stena Line was in the process of a system change. During her time at Stena Line, Veronica succeeded in establishing a new strategic plan and drawing up guidelines for future Omnichannel work that we are now implementing and continuously work with. I am very impressed with Veronica’s expertise in the digital landscape and her work!

– Kristina Nyström
Travel Commercial Manager BRD på Stena Line
February 20, 2018, Kristina managed Veronica directly

I worked together with Veronica at iProspect. I´m glad I learned to know her. She is an talented online specialist, with great knowledge within web analytics and digital strategy. She is a excellent project manager and as a customer you can rely on that she takes care of the project and that nothing falls between the chairs. She is also really fun to work with.

– Petter Ekberg
Marketing Manager at Brother Sverige, filial till Brother Nordic A/S
March 2, 2016, Petter was Veronica’s client

Veronica takes each project to heart and has never missed a deadline. Veronica was a great partner to the Royal Canin. See was extremely knowledgable about the business, she was creative and proactive in her recommendations and project involvement, and he always maintained a focus regardless of any temporary setbacks or obstacles as projects progressed.

Veronica is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. Both smart and professional. Experienced, deadline oriented and intelligent person. Highly recommended.

– Jonatan Söderlind
Web Manager at Royal Canin Sweden AB
March 4, 2016, Jonatan was Veronica’s client

“Veronica understands all aspects of digital media and is a very driven project manager. She has full control even in very demanding strategic projects. Through dedication and straight, clear communication, Veronica manages to give both project team and the client confidence, and create a nice climate of cooperation.”

– Hans Jonsson
Client Director at DigitasLBi
May 14, 2015, Hans managed Veronica indirectly at DigitasLBi Sweden

“Veronica is a very reliable, professional and competent Project manager. We have worked together in a number of projects and it has been both inspiring and fun to work with her. I would recommend anyone to work with Veronica and I would enjoy working with her again.

– Markus Kristensen
Asset & web marketing manager på Volvo Car Corporation
March 22, 2014, Markus was Veronica’s client

“Veronica is by far one of the most structured and organized, yet open minded and pleasant project managers I so far had the pleasure to work with. She has a well rounded understanding of everything visual but knows to use the right people for the right task. Always appreciative, always demanding and precise. Love to work with her!”

– Niclas Norgren
Father, Leader, Technologist
April 24, 2014, Niclas worked directly with Veronica at DigitasLBi Sweden

“Veronica was my project manager during the roll out of several campaigns for both web and mobile applications. Veronica took charge of the projects in an efficient and structured way. Veronica has an eye for details, is accurate and makes sure that nothing is forgotten. She also has a very broad competence and quickly understands and handles new techniques and difficulties.”

– Ida Axelsson Fryklund
Social Media Manager at DigitasLBi
April 28, 2014, Ida worked directly with Veronica at DigitasLBi Sweden

Coming from an Analyst’s point of view, Veronica is one of the few that really understands what web analytic is about, the concept, the tool , what data is crucial for business successfulness and can merge it with marketing strategy in projects she takes on.

She understands business requirements regardless of the size of the company, she can grasp the peculiarities of global companies to medium/small side business.
Working with her in a team is very reassuring, she is patient, thorough and attentive to details.

She is a versatile and resourceful person, above that, she does everything with her whole heart and it shows in everything she is doing.

– Zenodia Charpy
Senior Web Analyst at Stena Line
Zenodia worked directly with Veronica at DigitasLBi Sweden

As responsible for our Digital Media portfolio Veronica did an excellent job. She brought a lot of new skills to the company. In this fast moving segment she was very well updated and continously seeked new strategies for our customers.Veronica is able to communicate effectively in business relations and she is very inspiring to work with.

– Anders Nicklasson
International Sales Manager at Fellert Acoustical Ceilings AB (former MD of Market Broker)
June 12, 2013, Anders managed Veronica at Market Broker

Veronica was our dedicated ‘geek-to-go’ at Design by Structure. Her approach was always savvy, helpful and patient, along with the ability to communicate ideas and solutions to the lay person (so often absent elsewhere!). You won’t regret working with her 🙂

– Cynthia Hamilton
Commercial Director at Jacaranda Books
December 5, 2012, Cynthia was Veronica’s client (SPCK Publishing)

Veronica, is an exceptional person to work with and for. Veronica really understands technology and has a passion for it that is reflected in what she does. Her people management skills are a real credit, I very much hope to work with her on projects in the future.

– Mike Scullion
Software Developer at ScullionSoftware
April 15, 2011, Mike reported to Veronica at Design By Structure

Veronica is a brilliant, understanding Account Manager with full grasp of the peculiarities and problems this line of work brings, her enthusiasm and sense of humor can brighten the day even if “only” the work is discussed.

– Jadran Bižić
Lead front end developer / web developer at Interactive1
February 10, 2011, Jadran was with another company when working with Veronica at Design By Structure

It’s been a pleasure to work with Veronica – she means business regardless the size of the project, never lose eye for the details and the passion for the medium, and most of all, she treats you like a human!

Also an excellent communicator updating me on the project all the way through, which gave me a peace of mind while working remotely.

I will recommend her to anybody who needs a digital manager you can trust. I would love to work with her again.less

– Yumi Sakaki
Visual Designer
January 13, 2011, Yumi reported to Veronica at Design By Structure

Veronica took our website to the next level. Implementing CMS and SAP in one go. I have never met a person who mastered technical and visual skills at such a high level at the same time.

– Pia Brown Ayouty
Senior Operations Manager, CMG Luxury brands at CENTRAL Group of Companies
February 8, 2010, Pia managed Veronica at Blossom (former MD of Blossom)

Veronica is very efficient and conscientious with her work. She has a beautiful aesthetic and a great eye for clean lines and details.
She can easily combine both the technical and visual elements which is quite rare to find in 1 person.

– Danielle Vigliotti
Retail Buyer / Promotions ManagerNovember 13, 2009, Danielle managed Veronica indirectly at Blossom