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instagram-acoounts-to-learn-from Instagram has changed a lot since it first launched. In the beginning it was all about the arty-indie images and the heavy use of filters. Then it has progressed beyond that and almost no instagram-superstar uses heavy filterers and frames anymore and everyone is aiming for pro-photo quality, attention to detail and elaborative storytelling. I've gathered 5 creative instagram accounts that I think uses the strenghts of instagram brilliantly. And a few notes on what they have in common, in the end - which you can take with you and learn from.

As the forth part in the article series on project management - I've listed the most common points to include when writing a project proposal. The first part covered some general advice - this piece focus on the details. Bare in mind that sometimes less or more are required, depending on the complexity of your assignment, how many companies that are involved in creating the work for your customer and the size of the actual project scope - i.e the work in it's entirety that you are doing.