What I do

Life is deliciously interesting. I have many interests that feed into each other and enrich everything in my life. Exploring them is fulfilling both for my curious mind and my spirit. I have observed a common misconception that humans can only be capable and competent in one single field. That is utter BS from my perspective. I believe humans can be multi-passionate and multi-skilled. It’s perfectly possible to be capable, diverse and adept in many and various fields. In fact, I know several wonderful people who are. To help do my part in busting that limiting belief I want to share a few examples of what I love to spend my time doing that is not limited to one specific field. Welcome, to get a glimpse of my world:

Nimble & co digital marketing

Creativity through business

During the pandemic, at the very end of 2020, I decided to take my fate into my own hands and make my vision of a network agency a reality. I spotted a gap in the market to create a boutique solution and service for clients with digital marketing, branding and sales needs. And do it in a way that provides both high service and value. The agency world is ready to be reshaped and this is my contribution. Not only do I have a vision of the type of service level and value I want to provide to Nimble & co’s clients, but I also want to gather all the skilled, senior professionals that I know and have a serious good time doing the things we love together.

I enjoy drawing


I highly enjoy losing myself in drawing and painting with watercolours while listening to a podcast. It’s a form of meditation for me.

I enjoy sculpting


I enjoy sculpting and creating a 3D version of something that I’ve been toying with in my imagination. Right now I’m looking to take my paper-clay prototype into a ceramic studio. If you know of anyone in Gothenburg who wants to rent out their studio for a couple of days. Please let me know!

An online plant-based recipe collection

Since 2012 I have run Elegantly Vegan. It started as guest blogging on famous vegan websites, then it became a digital cookbook app launched globally through AppStore, and then it transitioned to a website again. It’s now an open recipe collection for plant-based recipes and where to find the best plant-based restaurants around the world. I’m proud of this project as the website has received top positions on Buzzfeed three times, mentions in ELLE Sweden, a feature in Vegetarian Living and quite a lot of press mentions.

I write articles, guest post and such occasionally

Contributing writer

I have appeared as a guest writer online and in print magazines for many years. The most famous one internationally might be Vegetarian Living. In Sweden, I’ve contributed to the Female Founders Club with marketing advice, and Resumé which is a magazine that focuses on the advertising businesses in Sweden.

I enjoy deep-diving in down in a topic to create knowledge resources

Deep-diving into learning with visuals

I enjoy deep-diving into various topics that I find fascinating and exploring them. To help myself to learn, I create various knowledge resources that I share. You can view more of them in the menu at the top of the page. From customer experience to marketing strategy. It’s a fun way for me to both learn and be creative through graphic design, layout and whatnot at the same time. Twice the fun.


I have always been fascinated by photography, even way back when I was a kid and got my first camera to develop my own photos. Mainly of animals and life from the angle of a kid. I know how to develop my own black-and-white photos and achieve different styles without the help of a computer. However, since my love of tech, I’ve transitioned from analogue to digital and have a vast library of street art, recipes, travels and other, to me, interesting and, beautiful things. Most of the photos on the main pages of this website I’ve taken myself (not so much the blog photos). And yes, I do still own my analogue camera. Further down the line, I will share a selection of my photographs with you linked from this very page 🙂