The Customer Experience Playbook

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration on how to work with and craft better customer experiences, then this playbook is a great place to start. It contains the building blocks you need to achieve coherent branding, help you evaluate your CX work from a business perspective to insights in to the human mind.

The playbook contains:

* What is customer experience? – this section helps you make the work with emotion and experience more tangible.

Your sources for customer insight – find your customer insight sources and anchor your work in knowledge and data

How to define and measure success from your CX work – suggestions for clear KPIs, beyond NPS

How to craft better customer experiences – with the help from the Disney Paradox to a framework on how to create memorable moments

* Two tools for getting inside your customers shoes and mind – with instructions and a fictional case that helps you get a head start with your customer journey mapping. The second step and helps you identify pain points and find untapped potential for your business in solving these for your customer.

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I love that it starts with a personal story! Very engaging. The customer touchpoint map you've included is great, too!
Midori Nediger - Information Designer at Venngage | Visual Communicator | Speaker at #INBOUND18 and #DSDC Toronto, Canada Area