Marketing advice during COVID-19

Marketing advice during COVID-19We are in the midst of a global pandemic and we are all trying to navigate very uncertain times. COVID-19 has caused disruption in almost every known industry. Both small and big businesses and foremost many people’s lives are affected and shaken to the very core right now. It’s not a situation to take lightly in any way.

However, in disruption you can find possibilities and I’ve compiled a few actions within five key categories that I advise you to consider right now. With the hope that these will help you navigate how you can market, communicate and serve your customers and community during these very challenging times.

The purpose of these areas and actions is to help you identify how to:
  • Control marketing investments and follow up on results 
  • Identify new possibilities for audience expansion for a low cost
  • Save time 
  • Effectivise marketing impacts 
  • Ensure relevant, engaging and staying current when crafting communication
  • Serve your customers and community with value
  • Step up and act upon core brand values