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Programmatic brief

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This is my brief documentation that collects all the necessary information to run a programmatic campaign. Use the template below or download a word template that you can customize yourself.

1/ Budget
[if you have one]

2/ Campaign dates

3/ Target audience
[age, interests, all the specifics you know about them]

4/ CPM or CPC goal (if any)
[if you want to you can have a target for this, and optimize the campaign based on this]

5/ Geographical targeting (GT)
[if you are running a campaign in several markets add the countries and also if you want to be even more specific, the cities of interest, i.e Germany  – Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, München etc]

6/ Frequency (or frequency cap )
[the amount of times an ad will be displayed to a person during the campaign time]

7/ Banner formats
[if you choose specific ad formats]

8/ Device(s)
[if applicable or there is anything specific to take in consideration]

9/ Retargeting (RT)?
[is it available on your website or do you have the option to implement this?]

10/ Hosting information?
[where are your banners hosted?]

11/ Primary-KPI? If more then one, prioritise them in order of importance.
[insert here]

12/ Specific websites?
[if you have website sin mind that you want your ads to be placed on, list them here]

13/ Campaign landing page URL
[insert info here]

14/ Whitelist/brand safe sites
[if you want your campaign to only run on whitelisted websites]

15/ Keywords for contextual targeting
[to use contextual targeting we use keywords to match your ads with suitable websites, insert 5-15 keywords that can be used for this purpose]

16/ Inventory placements
[if you have any specific wishes in terms of placements, i.e only premium or above the fold etc that you want your ads to be displayed on]

If you want to read more about programmatic display go to this article covering the basics.

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