Digital marketing strategy


This is my 10 minute digital marketing strategy template. It’s designed with questions to take you from your current situation to evaluation of the activities you choose to do. This is a very swift, not that in dept process, which purpose is to get you started.

If you are managing more then one market, simply add a section to cater for that. Of course its also available as a download (word) which you can get from the document s & templates section.

Note that this version requires you to already have done your homework in terms of your brand, it’s role in digital (tone of voice, how to communicate with copy, images etc, story, values and so on) as well as product and offering.

1.Define your current situation
[insert key data on sales, returns, traffic volumes and other relevant statistics]

2. Define your target audience
[insert a customer information, life cycle, needs, behaviour, context, etc]

3. Define success – your marketing goals
[insert what you want to achieve – increased sales, increased customer satisfaction – add one KPI for each so that you can measure the impact of your activities]

4. Define your channels
[insert what and where you can work to reach your customers and marketing goals – what is the purpose of each channel and activity]

– Owned media
– Bought media
– Free/Earned media

5. Define how to reach your goals
[insert specifically what you will do to reach your goals]

6. Define your devices
[insert what devices your customer use and which you will perform marketing activities for/on– if applicable]

7. Define your budget
[insert your budget]

8. Define your tools
[insert what tools you have or need to obtain to reach your marketing goals – analytics, technology, CRM etc]

9. What is the biggest challenge and why?
[what is the hard part in terms of reaching your goals? technology? internal processes? budget restrains?]

10. Define your resources
[insert who you need help from to take action on your plans/strategy]

11. Outline your plan for the year
[make a plan for the year ahead, complete with budget and channel – my roadmap document template can be used for this as well]

12. Evaluate
[insert when you will evaluate your marketing activities and strategy]

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