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Nytt perspektiv?

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Vill du ha ett nytt perspektiv på de utmaningar som din verksamhet står inför när det gäller er digitala närvaro?

Eller vill du få en ny infallsvinkel på hur du kan använda de digitala möjligheterna för att uppnå din verksamhets affärsmål?

Bor eller kommer du att vara i Göteborg inom de närmsta tre månaderna?

Under hösten och vintern har jag fyra tillfällen då jag vill träffa andra, helt förutsättningslöst, för en fika (eller lunch) för att diskutera just digital affärsutveckling, strategi och marknadsföring.

Är du intresserad? maila mig här.

Eller vet du någon som skulle vara intresserad? Dela gärna detta inlägg så det kommer utanför mitt nätverk 🙂  

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Why one size marketing does not fit all

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There’s no one size fits all approach to marketing in several countries – at least not yet. Of course there are in some cases cultural similarities between for example the nordic countries, however that’s where it ends, similarities are not the same as equally “the same”.

That’s why, when you work with global marketing management, you need a framework, and an approach that is flexible enough to adapt the brand, marketing and communication to each country you have or aim to have a presence in.

And here is a short list of some key points that you need to consider, when it comes to local adaptions and why they are necessary.


What is a digital partnership or strategic partnership?

what is a digital or a strategi partnership?



Digital and strategic partnerships between complementary companies are on the rise. I believe it’s beneficial both from a customer and company perspective. The way we market and do business are changing and the emerging opportunities are quite existing for creative collaborations.


What is a digital partnership?

A digital partnership is the collaboration between two companies or an influencer where the two parts share an target audience as well as a service or product that benefits each other. That said a partnership between two companies are not only a sportswear company teaming up with a fitness centre brand it can be with influencers such as bloggers or instagram stars.

To advertising agencies adding a service to their portfolio by adding partner agencies in another field such as production. To companies teaming up to share messages or develop new services.

A great example that digital partnerships can look different and vary are for example NHS teaming up with Tinder to raise awareness about organ donations.

tinder and NHS

Why is this increasing?

Strategic partnerships are on the rise for a number of reasons. Personally I think this is because the advertisement space has changed as well as the increased power of the consumers.

With the customer getting an increased power with internet and rise of social media brands need to be useful, inspire and create value and experience for the customer.

Joining forces with either other companies or a lifestyle or niche blogger is a way to elevate the experience for your customers.

From a business perspective this is really clever as you can join forces to reach brand new target audiences or solve other challenges with a partner to bounce solutions with.


New roles and opportunities

The rise of these types of services are creating new roles within the digital industry. The rise of a specific new role as Digital Partnership Managers or just Partnership Managers with the purpose to identify, pitch collaborations, set them up and evaluate and keep the momentum. It’s an exciting role which mixes strategy, business skills, creativity and sales.

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