content marketing infographic by marketo

How to Create Better Content For Your Customers

content marketing infographic by marketo

This is my 10 tips for creating better content for your customers to help you sell more of your product or service.

1/ Identify your customer journey/s – with these you will have the insight on what you customer need and when – towards making a decision for the purchase of the product or service you offer.

2/ Perform a keyword analysis to identity what your target groups are searching for already – or not – and to find new ideas.

3/ Have the main target groups (or prioritised target group) personas and have a voice of the customer survey done to get better insight on what content your customers want and need in relation to the product or service you are offering.

4/ Map the high to medium volume keywords against your customer journey for each of your target groups. This helps you ensure you have an even distribution of content along the customer journey. So that you don’t have more in one phase and lack supporting content in others.

5/ Perform a content gap analysis of your your website and other key digital touch points – to understand where you already have coverage of specific content and where you need to fill the gaps. Use your digital strategy to prioritize the work.

6/ Identify existing key pages in the customer journey – start with crafting better content for and around these pages. Use any insight you may have on your target groups, such as personas – to address both their journey, driving forces and pain points.

7/ Make a plan – of what content to create and what type of content – is it a quick animated move explaining your service? images? copy? a PDF to download? a checklist? a series of “5 things” articles or how to instructions with videos? a podcast? an event? Identifying the content type, also helps you with producing the content and getting a better overview of the work ahead.

8/ Set simple KPI’s so you can evaluate your content performance. You always need to know how to measure success.

9/ Start the content creation

10/ Fill out a content calendar on what to post when and where. (here is my super simple content template for the simplest of content calendars with a yearly overview which you can customize) and start scheduling content in your various channels as you go along.

My last tip – evaluate – and refine as you go along. Create in iterations, and go on from there.

Infographic by Marketo