November 2017

  In the beginning of this year, I went to a few interesting events within digital. One of those events was Gmeet. Gmeet was hosted on the international womens day, and was only attended by women working within or in relations to the ecommerce field. I really appreciated this event and opportunity to have conversations with only women within the digital industry. As an afterthought I made a note that I wanted to attend more of these events with women and become more involved in women's networks as I appreciated to talk to and hear about the experiences these women that I met had had. As a result of all this, in the end of August and beginning of September I decided to take this a step further and meet four people during autumn that I haven't met before here in Gothenburg. To take one step outside my own comfort zone and not wait for more events. The initial thought was to talk about subjects such as digital strategy, business development and marketing but the conversations I had, ended up being about so much more then that. Also, one of my intentions was that I wanted to see if I could give a fresh perspective on any challenges and add something from my experience to the people who I met.