CRM planing template for marketing automation

Simplify your marketing automation with my CRM planning template

20CRM planing template for marketing automation

Personally, when planning anything CRM related, I map it out against at least generic customer journey from pre-purchase stage to post-purchase experience. Since there are a multitude of ways to use data to enhance the customer experience and be useful, post purchase to support that the customers come back and that your company lay the foundations for a relationship with the customer.

However, doing more of a overarching type of planning for your internal customer life cycle, to design triggers for marketing automation, identify new opportunities and so forth. To map out what should happen when, it’s really simple to use this template where there is one positive “dream path” illustrated in green and the negative path in orange.

The template has the following framework:

Acquisition – tasks that are acquiring new customers, a first step can be some kind of registration, sign-up or follow in social media, prior to conversion

Conversion – the actual purchase, but also in the negative path basket abandonment tasks

Develop –  task that both up-sell to the customer and develop the actual relationship, and help enhance the customer experience

Retain – tasks that focus on retaining existing customers

Reactivate/win-back – tasks that helps you process customers that have been inactive and are showing signs of leaving you

When you have done this type of mapping, then it’s time to give each trigger a timing, frequency, and channel/where.  Then it’s just to add the content and start to implement and refine!

Remember that if you have different type’s of services and customers, this type of framework, may need to be adjusted accordingly for each group.

If you want the template in power point format, to adjust to your business and to map out triggers, then you can download my CRM planning template for marketing automation here.