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In the beginning of this year, I went to a few interesting events within digital. One of those events was Gmeet. Gmeet was hosted on the international womens day, and was only attended by women working within or in relations to the ecommerce field. I really appreciated this event and opportunity to have conversations with only women within the digital industry. As an afterthought I made a note that I wanted to attend more of these events with women and become more involved in women’s networks as I appreciated to talk to and hear about the experiences these women that I met had had.

As a result of all this, in the end of August and beginning of September I decided to take this a step further and meet four people during autumn that I haven’t met before here in Gothenburg. To take one step outside my own comfort zone and not wait for more events.

The initial thought was to talk about subjects such as digital strategy, business development and marketing but the conversations I had, ended up being about so much more then that. Also, one of my intentions was that I wanted to see if I could give a fresh perspective on any challenges and add something from my experience to the people who I met.

Today I’ve had all my four meetings with four very different women, and I must say that they gave so much to me in the end.

First out I met with Ulrika, she is such an inspiration and really impressive. Ulrika is a trained nurse turned SEO expert on her own during her parental leave, who is incredibly knowledgeable and curious. Her drive really inspired me and we had conversations about the digital industry in general that I really appreciated her perspective on. Though what I most cherished and will take with me is her personal story. That was nothing short of incredible!

The second meeting was with another incredible woman named Viviana, we talked over lunch about the organisational and company cultural challenges in relation to digital transformational projects. What I was struck with was her curiosity and positive can-do attitude that I really was so impressed with. How she had just faced challenges heads-on and with such a positive outlook.

The third meeting was with Emelie who has just got an amazing opportunity in the beginning of her career. I was very impressed by her courage and patience, and our conversations was centered around how to know where to get started with digital marketing, if there is not that much done before to draw conclusions from, where to find various target audiences online and so forth.

My last meeting was with Linda, who is a artist, in her studio not far from where I live. It was so amazing to see this creative studio and showroom hanged with with paintings, pots of color and paintings in the making in the very room we sat in. Being an old art student, who has been spending way too much time in front of my computer, this really ignite a desire for getting my hands dirty with paint and clay again! Our conversation centered around how to solve specific challenges within digital marketing and how to reach the right target audience and what was right for her brand.

I’m very grateful for these meetings and I personally got a lot of new thoughts, inspiration and insight from meeting these four very incredible women.

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