Nytt perspektiv?

fika lunch image found on pinterest

Vill du ha ett nytt perspektiv på de utmaningar som din verksamhet står inför när det gäller er digitala närvaro?

Eller vill du få en ny infallsvinkel på hur du kan använda de digitala möjligheterna för att uppnå din verksamhets affärsmål?

Bor eller kommer du att vara i Göteborg inom de närmsta tre månaderna?

Under hösten och vintern har jag fyra tillfällen då jag vill träffa andra, helt förutsättningslöst, för en fika (eller lunch) för att diskutera just digital affärsutveckling, strategi och marknadsföring.

Är du intresserad? maila mig här.

Eller vet du någon som skulle vara intresserad? Dela gärna detta inlägg så det kommer utanför mitt nätverk 🙂  

Image found on Pinterest, no source was quoted. (Not photographed by me, love to know who made this though)

customer survey strategy


In my experience and workI’ve noticed that customer surveys are often overlooked by businesses before large projects or program investments. It’s such an easy and cheap tool, which connects you with your customers and can help your company iterate and improve both product and service. A a source to gain valuable insights from the customers where their voice and opinion can add value and a much needed outside perspective.

If you are creative, this can be used as a tool to build loyalty – and repeat orders from your customers 🙂

This article covers the overall customer survey strategy so to speak.


How to calculate potential ROI for a media investment

This is my calculation which I use when I want to see if there is a business case behind a media investment for my clients or my own marketing initiatives.

There are so much information available today, and from that you can manually calculate predictions and potentials before you choose to invest in a specific media, channel or campaign. Armed with the right specific, relevant numbers for your business and some industry averages you can create a hypothesis for the potential for an investment if you are unsure, or just want to make a calculation in terms how you should re-distribute your media budgets and what the potential could be.

Marketing today, merges business savviness and analytical skills. There is just a question of time (I guess there already is someone out there who has turned this into a formula, if not, that someone could make some nice bit of cash on a software for this, collecting data from advertisers, merged with some kind of ad score to calculate predictions based on data available).


Email marketing strategy


Why should you use email marketing and when is it right for you?

If you want to be able to target your customer database with specific messages, or communicate with potential customers, in a cost effective manner – then email marketing is right for you.

The essentials to get you started with email marketing

To get started with your email marketing, there are some fundamental things to learn, but also you need to get an ESP (email service provider) of some sorts and a budget, however small it may be.

There are a couple of big companies that can offer you a service which may fit your budget even as a smaller business or you could opt for doing this by using an online software. Whatever your budget and goal is, it’s always an advantage to learn as much as possible about what you are getting yourself into. So you can arm yourself with the right information for success.