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Strategic Framework template Mission Vision Value canvas

A framework for a Mission Vision and Value template

In order to align a group of people to work effectively and achieve progress, one of the tools that you need in place is a shared goal, a vision and a way to follow-up both progress and success with KPIs. 

Having worked in many different companies, ranging from having the values clearly displayed on the walls in the offices, following up on results each week to companies without a clear framework for this in place. I can honestly say that I personally prefer the former. As I think many people do as it gives ones work meaning and it helps employees understand how to add value and help a company grow. 

When I enrolled in the Google Elevator program our teachers presented one of the best frameworks for this type of template I’ve seen. I got very inspired by this and made my own version of this and have used this type of framework previously in my work to create clarity of the way forward. 

This framework is easy, visual and straight to the point. It can even be used on a team level with a few tweaks. 

You can download my template here and make your own version and layout with the components. 

Strategic Framework Mission Vision Value canvas

Why you should define and display mission, vision and values with key objectives: 


  • A tool to align the organisation towards the same desired output and result 
  • Create clarity on the type of culture you want to build though defining values 
  • Create clarity on the type of customer experience you want to create 
  • Motivate and engage your employees through relating their work and responsibilities directly towards a business objective
  • Define KPI’s that help you follow-up on progress and gain insights on where and why you need to improve 
  • Create focus and know what to prioritize and what to say no to


Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash