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January link list


January went by in the blink of an eye. While compiling my link list I’m huddled up in my favourite armchair under a blanket with a cup of coffee, the rooftops outside covered with a light coating of snow.

This link list is a mixed bag of digital marketing trends, to personal development and leadership to tips on books for further reading. It’s a list filled with inspiration for a new year a head, bot personally and professionally.

6 ways how leaders slaughter imagination and kill creativity in business

The worlds most successful women share their career advice

Tim Ferris shares the boks that have influenced him the most

How Rupi Kaur Built A Career On The Relentless Pursuit Of Creativity

I want Google Arts & Culture to release the search art with a selfie function to more countries. As the art lover I am, I’m so disappointed I can’t use this yet. However the app is really great if you want to discover art.

What’s next on mobile? here is the answer.

Unicornsulting made the most awesome advents calendar during December that I’ve ever seen. It consisted of a book tip a day. Here is the complete list.

Einstein and Da Vinci did it, journaling that is, here’s an article about the benefits of making this a habit

Why it’s time to invest in yourself

The art of being yourself

Found this article on linked in – why there is no such thing as a “CRM campaign” – well worth a read!

PPC trends for 2018 by search engine land

Fabulous will help you stick to your new years resolutions, here’s an article on why (I love behavioural economics)

32 ways a digital marketing consultant can hep you grow your business

A psychologist has apparently discovered the one thing that leaders need the most

7 things to remove from your life to improve your year ahead

November link list


November came and went, here’s a few noteworthy links that I take with me.

Inc list 10 though leaders you should follow 

Is programmatic advertising reaching maturity?  This article lists 10 signs that it’s in fact so (UK perspective) list her 6 favourite career sights for women.

7 very good reasons you should read more books. From increased focus to decreased stress.

A framework on Thrive, from Tony Robbins, on handling uncertain times.

7 ways to change things in your life 

Girlboss helps you to write a press release that does not suck

How Kayla Itsines built an empire from helping others

Arianna Huffington on improving company culture:

My september link list

september link list

As you have probably already noticed I read a lot of books (not only on the topic of business, the occasional graphic novel also enters my to-read-pile). I therefore decided that I’m going to add some of the articles that I find and curate in a monthly instalment called link lists. This will give you an opportunity to get to know me a bit more.

This month is a lot about personal development, and a lot of curated content from Thrive as I’m a huge fan of Arianna Huffington.

Image: found on Pinterest – owner/creator unknown.