June Link List

Noteworthy knowledge that I found on the web in June that I’d think you’d like to.


Internet magic

Things like this just make me love the internet even more. This is a calculator for vegans on how much water, grains, Co2, forrest and animal lives that you have saved by being a vegan. Neat.


Shameless self promotion

Drive business value and delight your customers by incorporating experiments to your organisation (in Swedish)

My customer experience playbook is now available for download (free and in English)

I have a new role and I’m very happy about heading up a department focusing on insight and strategy (in Swedish)


Skills & Knowledge

The ultimate guide for becoming the best in the world at what you do

5 high impact questions every Business Analyst should be using




How to be an exceptional leader according to science

4 things you should do before its to late

How to get other to invest in your goals



Investing in your wellbeing is the new status symbol

How to reduce brain fog and improve productivity


Public speaking & personal brand

Stop ending your speeches with this – and what you should do instead

How to become a top contributor for major websites


Live your life to the full

13 life changing habits you should do every single day

Is waking up at 4 AM really the secret to success?

The 11 life choices you will regret

How does your diet impact your mental abilities?

Why is Icelanders so creative?

The engine of our discontent



Know your love languages in relationships (in any relationships)

How to be comfortable being uncomfortable

9 common denominators amongst unsuccessful people

9 signs you are more likeable than you think


Agency life

Why agencies must reshape for the future



Tim Ferri’s interview with Terry Crews – How to Have, Do and Be All You Want

Tony Robbins – Success Strategies from A Self Mae Billionaire (Ray Dalio)

The Good Life Project – Halfway through life – what really matters?


Video of the month


Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash