March Link List

Various things I’ve found online during March that I found noteworthy and some shameless self promotion thrown in for good measure.


Shameless self promotion

10 tips to stop procrastinating (Swedish only) written by yours truly for Female Founders Club

4 Unforgettable Food Experiences You Must Try While In Stockholm – also written by me, for the HappyCow Blog. So treat your vegan friends 🙂

I’m creating a playbook on customer experience. You can sign-up for a notification once I’ve added it to my website.


Google is asking publishers to manage user data consent for GDPR

Gary V teaches you how to tell a story on social media

Searchengineland writes about search in the modern consumer decision journey

The importance of headlines and how to improve them (content marketing)

Next level marketing – how Honda measures the rhythm of the brain 

60 second marketing has put together this list of 157 AI platforms to help you grow your business 

APAC marketing stats from econsultancy


Seth Godin on the pleasure happiness gap



These business leaders have one thing in common – this particular meditation technique

Sheerluxe has 10 tips for communicating more confidently at work

Want to accomplish anything? here’s five things that will help you get the confidence to do so

Want success? trying to hard?

This woman built a 6 figure business while working full time and raising her kids.



Richard Branson gives you five tips on making every day count

Don’t take life for granted


White paper

Is the camera really the new keyboard? iProspect thinks so


Human rights & equality

This is what women do to fit in to the workspace designed around me (if you are a man, please read this) – we are erasing our own gender and doing everything we can to adapt to a “mans world”.


Photo by 周 财发 on Unsplash