Useful online resources for clarity on GDPR


Originally I wrote this piece on the topic of GDPR, however since the legislation is still unclear and I suspect more clarity will arise after the 25 May, I decided to break out the resource section from the post as it’s growing and it’s becoming a bit of hassle to update.

From now on I’ll keep adding my links here in this post, and I hope these will help you as well, to find either answers or the next path to investigate further for your own GDPR questions.

Date updated: 3/3/2018  

HubSpots GDPR checklist.

This is  great checklist which even covers which department you need to involve for which step – GDPR Compliance Checklist from Latham & Watkins

The Guardian breaks down GDPR in a very informative article from a UK perspective.

The image above is from Tieto, which I think has made a great infographic covering the basics of GDPR.

The EU’s own overview of key changes 

Wired’s article about GDPR and what you need to know

Recital 30 of the GDPR legislation in PDF format 


Articles of interest

GDPR in force, but do we need to be compliant already? 



GDPR and cookies 

GDPR and cookies by Preoday

GDPR and cookie consent and first party data 


The right to deletion 

The GDPR guy 



Mailchimps guide to GDPR 

Mailchimps statement on GDPR + Mailchimp


Examples of Data Processing Addendum documentation

Mailchimps DPA sample 

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