agency client strategy

12 questions to help you create your agency client strategy & vision

agency client strategy

When working for larger digital agencies one of the frist things you get to learn as a Account Director or Project Manager is their client strategy and vision. Without having this anchored in the organization, it’s challenging to actually take the business in the right direction. Everyone at the agency needs to work towards the same goal. Working in departments where client conversation and new business is part of every day life, then this is an essential part of the work.

Every agency should have a clear definition of whom their ideal clients are as well as a client strategy that should mirror the long term agency vision and goals. No matter the size. Because growing with the right type of clients, is what is going to help you move your business forward when you work in the agency service sphere.

When your agency is ready, perhaps it has grown, you have started to hire more people, taken on longer client collaborations or more in your experience, suitable clients that fit your agency. It’s definitely time to think over the future focus for your business development of obtaining more clients.

Here are 12 questions to help you before you create a client strategy and vision moving forward:


1. What type of companies and clients are your most profitable customers and why?

2. What existing clients should you prioritize? and why?

3. What type of companies/clients should you turn down? and why?



4. What type of companies are a good fit for your agency services and delivery level?

5. What characteristics and parameters do you base this on?

6. In what verticals can you find these types of clients you want to work with?

7. Who are our target audience within these types of companies?

8. What governance model do they have?

9. What are their pain points and how can you help them?

10. What geographical locations and radius from our offices are feasible for us to do outreach on, in terms of obtaining new clients?

11. Do you lack any resources to be able to deliver to the type of companies that you’d like to have as clients?if so then what are you lacking? (tools, skills, perception of your agency, team members etc)

12. Who are your biggest competitors and why?

Once you have created your client strategy and vision. Ensure that the type of client plans you use for your agency are updated to reflect the direction.


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