How to measure customer experience

There are various ways you can approach the measurement of CX. Either you can take a holistic view and from a customer journey perspective identify common touchpoints and areas where you can assign KPI’s for each overarching area in the customer journey and have one overarching metric. Or you can go even deeper and identify ways to measure CX at each touchpoint and interaction. You’ll have to find a way to make the measurement relevant to your business, customer and organisational capacity and maturity.

A good starting point is to find at least one KPI to measure and follow-up on CX, instead of having none at all.


Here are some suggestions for metrics that you can use as an indication for customer experience and satisfaction, beyond NPS®:


Customer churn rate

Helps you identify how many customers that leave your company during a specific timeframe. You’ll get this by dividing the amount of lost customers with the amount of new customers during a period of time.


Loyalty club member acquisition rate

Or number of customers that join any loyalty club that you may have. This helps you understand if your customers find your brand good enough in terms of wanting more from you. An indication of a relationship if you may.


Customer satisfaction scores

In any customer surveys you do, even in newsletters. Design a scale where the customer can easily grade their experience with you. Ensure you use the same scale throughout the company.



Either it’s product or company reviews on Facebook, this can give your brand insights on what type of customer experience you provide.


Response times

How long does it take to respond to customer queries in the channels you are present in?


Customer Support query resolution/case times

Before closing queries. Are these improving? I.e are customer support closing queries quicker?



Add this to your social listening and analytics to follow up on the tone of the online conversations about your brand.



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