Enter the era of psychographics

Enter the era of psychographics

The era of mass marketing is dead (thank god!)  which means that marketers face a new challenge in terms of targeting. To be relevant and strike a chord with your customers segmentation by demographic and geographical data alone is not an option anymore, in order to achieve both relevance and results.


As marketers now want to make the journey from one to all, from one to many to one to one marketing – psychographics is the the solution in achieving the latter.


But what is psychographics?

Psychographics is a word to describe the psychological attributes which your customers or desired customers have. Traits that make up their personality. Such as for example lifestyle, opinions, values and attitudes.


Mainly what Seth Godin has been talking about all along – notice why certain people are doing the things they do – as buying a product or service and tapping into that. Both in crafting the messaging and the targetinging of ads. To crafting the business itself. 


Psychographics can all be summarised down to one word – why? And answered by number of attributes. Depending on who you ask the answer will be different. However, you will find a common denominator somewhere.


Examples of psychographics are:
  • Priorities
  • Behaviours
  • Values
  • Attitude
  • Opinions
  • Activities
  • Lifestyle
  • Beliefs
  • Interests
  • Dreams and aspirations


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


  • Hanno Köhncke

    Thanks for this concisly written statement of psychographics! It helps me a lot for my own marketing!

    23rd June 2019

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