make emails work for your customer

How to make emails work for your customer

Key takeaways from my morning from DotLive with DotDigital, MovableInk and Colart on the 12th February 2020:



Use what you have to enrich the content and design to drive engagement. Get creative. Such as personalised user statistics for gamification features to motivate your customer to use your service. Identify what you already have that can help and serve your customers and deliver value for them.


Metric you should know

CTOR – stands for click to open rate. This measures the effectiveness of your email’s content. This metric is calculated by the number of unique clicks divided by the number of unique opens. (read more about it here)



  • Simple and succinct design to avoid content overload and email fatigue.
  • Lead the eye and focus your efforts above the fold.
  • For mobile version – ensure the design thumb-friendly!
  • Test your emails with images off – to ensure that your key actionable areas work with images off
  • Repeat your main Call to action throughout the email


Use real-time content to load from a DAM or other sources to deliver truly relevant emails based specifically on where a customer is in the journey at the moment with your company. This can be done by setting up rules to ensure relevancy in your content and messaging.



Utilise behavioural data from the website (such as browsing, abandonment and/or search data) to create truly unique and highly relevant emails.



Utilise user-generated content in your emails by pulling in content from your social media channels and use if relevant in your emails.


Attention is declining

  • In average, 2016, Litmus reported that an email is read in 11 seconds. (Which probably warrants that we have even less time to grab our audience attention today 4 years later…)
  • Test at least one thing at each send out
  • To help you develop a culture of testing and ignite creativity in your team.


In closing

I’m really grateful for working for BBO, a modern company that allows me to work remotely sometimes so that I can challenge my own thinking by attending seminars and meeting new people in coworking spaces to expand both my network and my perspectives.

As we att BBO work with international clients, I think it’s crucial to get out of my box and expand my horizons beyond what I’m used to on a daily basis. As it helps me gauge trends, new tech, insights and other useful information for both BBO and the clients that I serve.


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash