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speech analytics and customer experiences

Uncover the power of human interactions – the benefits of speech analytics for your business 

Every day I try to feed my brain something new either it be a podcast, article, book or video. That offer ups new perspectives or knowledge that I can ponder and hopefully contribute towards me becoming better at what I can do for others.

The other day I was sipping green tea and getting to grips with Speach Analytics and how this can be utilized to provide both better customer service and business growth.


For you who did not have the luxury of attending this mornings seminar hosted by Access Nordics on this topic, here are my notes and key takeaways – enjoy:


What is speech analytics? 

Speech Analytics is the method used to harvest insights from human to human interactions. Trough phone calls, (cal also be complemented with emails or social media) and gather actionable insights from these interactions. Its the use of analysis of the tone, words and so on to identify emotions, stress levels etc to uncover the reason for the call.


What is speech analytics not?

Speech Analytics is not the same as Siri, Google Home or Echo as today humans need to adapt their speech interactions to fit the software. Eg we do not speak normally to our home assistants – we need to adapt our speech to them. So they will understand us. (But I’m sure the big corporations use speech analytics in some form or another when they listen into to us through these devices, but that’s another topic 😉 )


Understand your customers 

You can utilize speech analytics to faster and more effectively harvest insights to understand your customers from customer call centre interactions. Instead of listening in to calls, you can use this type of software to visualise, search for and work with customer call centre interactions to find the specific recordings that you want to screen. 


Cultural differences do make a difference 

When working with speech analytics between various markets, let’s say you work at are an international company, you need to take in account how that culture, generally express anger, happiness, frustration and disappointment when you set up the systems etc. As we tend to – very generalised express ourselves differently based on the country we live or are from. 


Identify broken digital customer journeys 

Utilising this type of software you can identify broken digital customer journeys and work to streamline the customer experience and minimize login problems, missing confirmation, technical issues and self-service failures/issues. 


Here are 7 additional notes that are food for thought from this morning on how speech analytics can contribute towards both better customer experience and business growth:  

  • Half of the calls to customer service centres are unwanted calls 
  • Identify the pain in waiting for the customer and what your company can do about this 
  • Identify what poor service sounds like 
  • Identify insights that can support your digital agenda 
  • Empathy increases NPS scores 
  • Identify drivers for CSAT and NPS scores 
  • Uncover insights for fact-based management decisions for your organisation 
  • Identify how to improve the customer service agents performance and service levels 

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash