5 podcast that will up your game

5 podcast that will up your game

Podcast are one of my favourite mediums to obtain new knowledge. In fact I can go as far as to say that podcast are part of my baseline for my own personal wellbeing. I listen to quite a few episodes each day, capitalising on the time I have going to and from the office, taking a walk, doing things around the house. Wherever I have a moment, I can upgrade it, by taking the time to listen to something and learn something new. Weather it be news within marketing, business and strategy. To actual leadership, career and lifestyle advice.


There is a plethora of podcast out there and I love to discover new ones, and get advice on what to listen to. So I thought I share som elf my favourite podcasts and I hope that you find some new inspiration as well.



Tim Ferris Podcast 


This podcast got it all. From business, marketing and leadership. To lifestyle, productivity and health nut advice. There is no subject that is not covered and I love the fact that I get to discover all these new people, that I didn’t knew existed and listen to their stories and learn from them. Its happened more then one time that I actually snigger at a subject and have pre judgmental thoughts, like “man this subject on mushrooms and how they can save the world, that sounds pretty far off and boring to me” and then I give it ago anyway. As I remember that I’ve been wrong before. And then of course it’s so fascinating and mind-blowing that I stockpile my cabinets with Lions mane pills. To compliment my already existing Chaga mushroom routine. In short, this podcast is the podcast of podcast for the curious. For the person who is on a road to discover and enhance themselves.



The Thrive Global Podcast 

thrive global podcast
We now have Arianna Huffington in our pockets and our lives are much better for it. In this podcast Arianna Huffington interviews so many fascinating people and talks about subjects such as the importance of sleep and to recharge, not working all the time is the key to productivity and success.

Tony Robbins Podcast 

tony robbins podcast

This is a podcast that I really appreciate. As it gives you tools and frameworks to deal with life and to become a better version of yourself. The podcast also has interviews with a range of interesting people and this is how I discovered Ray Dalio and started to read more about investing strategies. This podcast is a goldmine to listen to examples of how we are standing in the way of ourselves and what we need to do, to fix this.



Tilted – a lean in podcast 

tilted a lean in podcast

This podcast is pretty new, so there are not that many episodes available as yet. Everything Sheryl Sandberg does, is interesting and I do want to learn from other women to be part of the work to create an even playing field in business and in life for women and men. This is how they describe themselves in their own words:

“Tilted explores the uneven playing field – the gender bias that lurks in unexpected places, the impact it has on our everyday lives, and how women are leaning in and driving change.”

Glambition Radio with Ali Brown 

glambition radio with ali brown

Ali Brown  interviews female though leaders, entrepreneurs and just interesting women. As a woman myself this is fascinating as I get to discover new females to follow. I get to see other women doing the things that I dream about and that inspires me. As in mainstream media, the percentage of successful women in the spotlight is far less then men.


Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

The other photos I have borrowed from the various sources online with the sole purpose to illustrate the specific podcasts.