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How to make it happen by Maria Hatzistefanis

Book review: How to make it happen by Maria Hatzistefanis

“Failure and rejection are two subjects that are very close to my heart. I have faced rejection time after time in my career. And I want to talk openly about this as I feel that very few people admit they’ve been rejected.”


– Maria Hatzistefanis,

How to Make it Happen, from the chapter titled: They want you to quit. Don’t. 

This book offers a very candid view behind the scenes of Rodial and Nip+Fab’s founder Maria Hatzistefanis journey and some of the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome them. How she has stayed motivated from working from small a backroom office in her house to how she handles days in her office when everything just goes sideways at once. 


Who is this book for? 

Anyone who is looking for inspiration and motivation, delivered with a healthy dose of honesty. Who wants to learn more from someone who has been through 19 years of hard work to get where she is today. Starting a beauty brand with no previous experience from the beauty business. In terms of the audience, I would say that the book definitely is aimed towards new business owners or those who dream about venturing out on their own. However, it does not make this any less of a valuable read for anyone who is experienced. As it offers both reminders and a fresh perspective.  


Why should you read this book? 

Maria Hatzistefanis has a very personal style of writing which is enjoyable. See it as productivity, motivation and inspiration all wrapped up in an honest, tell it as it is approach with interesting personal references thrown in as examples.  


Key takeaways: 
  • Motivation does not come to you – it will find you working. This book reinforces that and offers a good reminder of how true this is.

  • Examples of frameworks to make your goals tangible and how to work towards them every single day.

  • Each chapter is summarised with a list of concrete actions you can take to implement the learnings from the book into your day to day life.

  • Offers an example of a framework that will help you deal with and process rejection. Something that you need to learn to both face, handle and move on from.

  • Tips on how to structure your day so you both can take care of yourself and reach your goals. No matter if you have your own company or work for someone and want to achieve a certain career trajectory as a key employee.

  • How and why you should get out of your comfort zone if you want to grow and progress both as a person and in your career.

  • What the cost of being the boss really is, honestly. 

In closing, I love the introduction thank you of the book, where the author thanks someone and dedicate the book to a special someone. In this case, it is: 

“To everyone who ever rejected me, a big thank you for making me the person I am today. “


That’s how you do it! 🙂 

If you haven’t seen her first business book – How to be an overnight success, you can find a review over here.