December 2016

email-marketing-database-crm-relevant A customer database is like a garden. You need to look after it in order to make the right flowers grow and you need to take time to get to know the flowers in your garden, so you can nurture them and look after them with attentive care. What you also need to do is to remove the weed to make sure you have more space for your flowers to grow. The same logic applies to a customer database that you use for communication in some way. B2C and B2B have many similarities but also a few things that sets them apart. For example your B2B database may have the additional challenge of people switching jobs and thus also switching email addresses. Do you continuously work in weeding these out? That said, this article focuses on the similarities that are applicable on both.

image borrowed by huffington post The new information landscape has changed the way we work. The other day someone asked me - what happened with the “old school” communications strategy and plan, why is there not anything online which is consistent and why can’t one find an example? My theory is that digital came and evaluated (I hate the word disrupt its so negative) the entire marketing and communications game and way of working. For the better. And thus killed communication strategy and plan and left only strategy in it’s wake as it paired itself with marketing and content.  I have my own conclusion and theory base on my experience and perspective and I think it’s because the context has changed so much: