November 2016

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"Real artist ship ...and then you refine, refine and refine yet again."
The way we work have changed over the past years, and rightfully so, towards a more iterative and agile way of working. Everything from technology to building a brand is effected. The primary driver behind this is a more democratic (if I may call it that) landscape changed by the tools available by the "digital industry" and a limitless imagination, tenacity and passion of the individual with an idea. And thats one of the reasons I really love working with digital strategy and business development. There is always something new and creative around any corner that you can use to create user/customer and business value. Both the advertising industry and the more creative agency industry is effected by this change. Long gone are the days of "project" thinking. Now you see a tighter client-agency collaborations that are more on an ongoing basis with regular evaluation points, rather then project basis. First you discover, then you do an prototype (either it be a pilot marketing initiative or a first draft for an app), which you evaluate and which results becomes an embryo that you then refine, draw conclusions from and add more complex layers upon as time and discovery goes on.

web analytics - image copyright A cornerstone in your marketing activities is to work with the data you have. You don't need to be a senior web analyst or a data scientist to do this. Today a Marketing Manager or CMO need to have the knowledge about key metrics and the competence to harness the power of data to transform it into ROI action for the business they market and work for. Larger companies have already started working with more advanced techniques, such as Machine Learning, predictive analysis and so forth and every company, no matter how large or small, will have to improve the way and also increase the understanding of data, to be part of the future. Being data driven is now a competitive advantage and in the very near future it will be standard procedure for being able to stay within the competition for a customers attention or will to purchase. Here is a simple framework that anyone can master that will help you start working with data, to turn it into insight and action. Without being complicated.

Image copyright: I've written a few articles on the global marketing subject before, this article includes a bit of repetition however it's aimed at a company with a prescense in 4 or more countries, that want to start out with digital marketing activities but feel unsure of where to start and where to invest and how to prioritize a large batch of markets.

These are my key take aways from helping global brands who has never done any digital marketing activities to more experiences brands, this advice is suitable for both B2B and B2C to manage global marketing activities.