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The key to data driven decisions


In today’s data driven world there is new data to gather insights from every minute of the day every day, from multiple locations, from multiple devices in various contexts about your customer, campaign performance and sales.

A monthly or weekly report for data is now obsolete, since the information you are viewing is not necessary relevant anymore and the information is already outdated when the PDF-reports start to hit your inbox.  

And by the time you had the opportunity to get a gather all the relevant reports from all your relevant sources, the information is probably not relevant and in most cases only targeted to your marketing department within your organization. 

To solve this challenge there are a plethora of new tools available to build a dashboard to vizualise the data in real time. Som simple apps you can download to your iPhone other more complex where you can add TV spot info and view in relation to visitor flow on your website.

The benefits of building a dashboard are many and here are a few:

  • Gather data from all relevant sources and access real time data for real time data driven insights and decisions. 
  • Remove the noise and clutter of irrelevant information and streamline and visualise the data only containing the relevant information 
  • Put the information in a relevant context for IT, Sales, marketing etc by creating custom dashboards only containing the information necessary and relevant for them 
  • Add business KPI’s to the visualisation of the data and evaluate performance 
  • Add indicators for actions when a metric drops below a certain threshold to take actions immediately 
  • See the complete picture, not having to piece together information yourself from different reports. Get the holistic view of your business performance. 
  • Design relevant dashboards for each department of your organisation.




Build your own dashboard in Google Analytics:

Image source and copyright: slidemodel.com