Project review & evaluation


If you strive to learn and improve in your field of work – or even personal life – evaluating a project or a delivery is a crucial part of getting a head of the competition. Using a simple evaluation form or document is useful for anything from campaigns, projects and even to see if the team set-up is right.

The purpose of this excise is to get constructive tangible feedback from the team on what can be improved and define what worked well.

To get the complete picture, you also modify this and send this to your client to that you can improve together.

You can create a document, to pass around to the team, client and everyone else involved in whatever it may be – or you can set-up a Google form for people to fill in. It’s whatever works for you really.

Below, I’ve included a few short sections with questions aimed for a team to answer, which has delivered a communications project with the purpose to understand if the tools used where useful, the team set-up was successful and if any internal company processes need to be updated. As I work at full service digital agency at the moment, I used such a scenario as an example. This is really brief, just to illustrate how to perform a evaluation:

 From your experience working with this project, please answer the following questions:

1. Did [insert company name ] have the tools necessary for you to perform your work?

2. If not did it take long to obtain the tools you needed for your work?

3. Which tools do you recommend to obtain for the future and why are they better then the ones we have now – or what benefits will the tools/software/etc bring to future projects?


1. Did you have the information necessary to perform your work upon starting your tasks and contribution to the project?

2. Our internal team meetings – where they effective? too many? or to few?

3. Our external client or supplier meetings – where they effective? too many? or to few?

4. Were your tasks, responsibilities and deadlines clearly communicated to you?


1. How well did your team work as a group?

2. The communication in the group – how did you experience this?

3. Was our approach effective? If yes- why? if no – why?


Challenges and desired improvements
1. What did you experience as difficult, challenging or did not work at all?

2. Do you have any suggestions for improvements for the next project of this type?

3. What would you want to do differently next time?


Your experience
1. What lessons have you learned?

2. To what extent did the project make you more comfortable with working with [insert specifics about your project here]?

3. Was anything holding up or in the way for you to perform your work in time for your deadline?

4. Any suggestions to make this a better experience in the future?

5. Do you have anything else you would like to add?


The result

1. In your experience, did we achieve the desired end result?

2. After the project launch, what project specific improvements from the results, can we do?

This can easily be modified and added too, to suit your specific needs. If you want the project evaluation template above – you can download it here.

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