How to take effective meeting minutes

Don’t sweat it if your asked to take notes during a meeting. There is a 7 point, easy and effective formula for taking kick-ass meeting minutes that will make you look like a pro when you’re done. Log important decisions, and create a helpful point of reference for everyone who attends. Following this wont take more then 20 minutes of your time after the actual meeting to compose.

Before you start, add a snappy heading, preferably something that co-relates with the meeting invite you all got, Then get cracking with the following seven headings:

In attendance:

Who is present and where are they from and state the responsible note taker

Date & location:

what date is it and where are you


If you have one, or the purpose/goal of the meeting, why you are there and what you want out of the meeting.

Meeting notes:

Start by adding any points raised.


Highlight decisions from the meeting, in co-relation to any points raised.


List the actions from the meeting and add who is responsible for it and if there is a deadline for the action. This is your collective to-do list after the meeting and helps you follow up.


if there are any key dates or crucial dates raised, list them as well, add them to an action, if related to one, or list separately.

Whip this template up in a word doc/Evernote or whatever you use, or download a template here and you’re good to go.