New in my bookshelf

I devour books and with the current situation in the world (if you are reading this in the future, this is written during the COVID-19 outbreak) books are even more solace to me. 


My habit is to read a business-related book or a book on a topic that I want to learn or focus on in the mornings. During the evenings I’m all about fiction to relax.


I have a pile of new books in mixed with some that I haven’t finished, or had the time to read as yet. Now is the time as I avoid the library. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration.


The One Thing

Why: this was highly recommended to me by a colleague and his passion for this book and how he had applied its learnings to his life really inspired me to read it. As I write this, this is my inspirational morning book that I read when I start my day. 

Radical Candor

Why: another recommendation that I took to heart. It’s how to improve communication and be honest and direct to achieve your goals. 


Measure what matters

Why: trough the leadership program that I was fortunate to be part of last year through Google in the Nordics I was introduced to OKR’s (objectives and key results). As a highly driven individual, this is something I was to study further even though the concept is simple. 


Non-violent communication


Why: is not new in, however, I haven’t finished yet. I’ve utilized some of the frameworks from this book already with great success. I read this slowly and go back to it when I need is, but I have to finish it. 


Everything is figureoutable 


Why: because Marie Forleo is a dynamo and of course I want to learn anything I can from that incredible woman. 


The starless sea


Why: a Christmas gift that I haven’t yet been able to enjoy as yet. This is a typical evening book, to help me relax and unwind my brain. Reading fiction is a key part of nurturing my imaginative and creative abilities. 

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