How to keep your skills and knowledge updated in a fast paced world

Earlier this year when I gave a talk at a event I was asked by a member in the audience how I keep updated with the fast paced developments within digital marketing and media specifically.

I thought it would be fitting to elaborate on the subject on how to keep your skills and knowledge updated, and write a post and share how I keep updated as well as what I don’t do, in order to keep up with the latest developments on subjects that are important to me. I need to be aware of other developments and trends as well, therefore this article is not limited to digital marketing and strategy alone. It’s more of what I do, to gather new knowledge and follow the world and topics of interests, in a way that suits me and avoids information overload.



What I do to keep updated


Cherry pick and create relevant information streams

I customise certain social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter so that I can view information that is only relevant and of value to me. Then I spend a maximum of one hour a day to browse one of the plattforms, usually LinkedIn as I’m the most pleased with the customisation of this specific channel.

Suggestions: Think with Google, specific ad platforms such as DoubleClick, software companies such as Tableau,  thought leaders within the industry or related topics, as well as specific brands that in my opinion are very good at digital marketing and strategy.



I listen to podcast everyday. I listen to a broad spectrum of podcasts to learn not only marketing or business stagey but listen to founders of specific companies to learn from them. In total I spend perhaps 2 hours a day, sometimes and usually more, listening to podcasts.

Suggestions: Marketing School, Gary V, Tim Ferris, Tony Robins, Tribe of Mentors


Newspapers and websites

I follow industry news by following these newspapers in various channels to ensure I keep updated with relevant news.

Suggestions: Inc, Forbes, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, FastCompany



I used to subscribe to various newsletters, now I don’t anymore because I don’t want emails and they just clutter my inbox. But I’m including these anyway, if you happen to prefer emails, then you might like to sign-up for some newsletters that compile information for you.

Suggestions: AdAge, Creativity Online, Think With Google



I devour books. Everything from biographies to graphic novels. This because I need to stretch my mind further from just one subject. I want to know more and through biographies I can view the world through someone else’s eyes and perspective. When it comes to business and marketing books I tend to read a lot of Seth Godin, Richard Branson and every female business clearer I can find.


Suggestions: view my marketing and business book selection, if you want advice on what books to read



I dont watch TV, however I’m guilty to watch my fair share on Youtube instead. This started when I lived in the UK as the platform became quite popular there earlier then in Sweden. I learned everything from making vegan sushi to do my make-up from Youtube. From that my selection has grown, now I subscribe to everything from fitness to fashion influencers on Youtube. Apart from the usual TED talks that everyone watches.

By following fashion and fitness influencers I gain insight into how influencer marketing works as well as getting advice on the subject du jour.

Suggestions: thought leaders within a subject that you are interested in, TED talks, Behind the Brand



This is what I don’t do and avoid

As I limit my screen time after work to have time with other things in my life. These are the things that I do not do:


Social media – I spend very little time on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I do not allow mindless scrolling on my phone. If I do that, I’m usually not in a good place. To keep up with new developments in social media, from behaviour to features I have my platforms configured so that I get the updates first (market) and I follow both influencers and brands that spearhead the use of social media to keep up with new developments and trends.


Reading blogs – I’ve cut down time reading and following blogs. I follow a handful of blogs of specific people or influencers in certain fields.


Mindless browsing of the web – if I spend time in from of any of my screens, be it computer, iPad or iPhone I have a task at hand. I avoid mindless browsing of various websites. Or Youtube (that was a rabbit hole that I spent to much time in before I checked myself!)


I don’t watch TV – watching TV is a waste of time. I do follow some series, but I access them online, when I want to watch something. Usually this is limited to 2 hours/week.


My phone – I’ve read enough articles and studies about what happens to your attention and focus, when you mindlessly pick up and spend time on your phone, to put it away. Both at work and at home. I’m the slowest person to answer texts or DM on any platform. It can go days up to several weeks before I respons. Thankfully my friends know me well enough to phone me 🙂


If you are interested to know more about what I read online, view my link lists, for more sources.


Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash