As I love to read I’ve devoured my fair share of business and marketing books throughout the years. Here are some that I highly recommend because I found them either useful, inspiring or just enjoyable. Some of them have links to a deeper review I’ve written in my blog.


linchpin are you indispensableLinchpin, are you indispensable -Seth Godin


lean in sheryl sandbergLean In – Sheryl Sandberg

if you are going to cry, go outsideIf you are going to cry, go outside – Kelly Cutrone


screw it lets do itScrew it, lets do it – Richard Branson

business stripped bareBusiness Stripped Bare – Richard Branson

the sellThe Sell – Fredrik Eklund


the leadership bookThe leadership book – Mark Anderson

focus the hidden driver of excellence Focus – Daniel Goleman


predictably irrationalPredictably irrational – Dan Aierly

the jelly effect The Jelly Effect – Andy Bounds



The dip – Seth Godin


Leave your mark – Aliza Licht