How to create a successful marketing strategy – and why it’s available for free

My February was spent sketching, writing, sourcing images, editing and creating this ebook. It’s been a pleasure and my hope is that this will be helpful for anyone that wants to create focus in their marketing activities.

I’m currently spreading the word, in contexts where it may be useful and to people that I hope will like it, or even better take the time time to give me their thoughts on the ebook.

I’ve mostly received kind words, encouragement and positive feedback.

However there is something that I want to adress and that’s a comment that I got, or rather a question on why I am giving away this ebook for free. And why I don’t track or have a form, for people to provide an email before they can download this ebook.

As unreasonable as it may seem, it’s in fact a conscious choice. This ebook is created to be helpful and as a result of that, I hope it will be shared. Passed on to others, from one person to another. The old fashioned way. Perhaps as an attachment in an email, or printed. I don’t want and neither do I care how many times, and by whom. All I care about is that I’ve created something that I hope will be of service to others, that I can give back to the wonderful world of the internet. A place where I’ve learned so much discovered even more and found so much inspiration. All I want is to give something back. Also, I want to be able to just create something – for the sake of enjoying the process of creating and being creative. Like the good old days. Do you remember those? when we created things out of pure curiosity, love for creating. Maybe a weird website with photos, animations and whatever created in Flash (remember that!) that had animations that almost blew up your computer.

The days before analytics, SEO, lead generation and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with any of those things. This project has been so rewarding for me, I’ve just been in a space of creating, for the sake of creating something, as I said enjoying the process. Chasing that feeling from when I was younger and just created things because I wanted to and I was able to.

On another and much-related note, I do know that my work is valuable, I don’t need anyone else to tell me that or an email address to prove to me that that is the case.

So, to make an executive summary of what I want to say with this post:

  • I have had so much fun creating this ebook
  • I want this ebook to be of service and help others
  • If they find it helpful, I hope the share it on their own accord
  • I’m chasing a feeling, a space of being creative because I can, only focusing on that – and I’ve succeeded. I’m having fun. Enjoying myself. I hope you find your space, to feel that feeling too because it’s a wonderful feeling.