One effective tool to change perspectives in your team

One effective tool to change perspectives in your team

This is one of the simplest tools available that both reduce stress and aids in reframing perspectives that I’ve learned. (Kudos and thank you to Kristina).  


It’s called the Love Bomb. 


Bear with me!


It’s a great way to shift perspectives and focus on appreciating each other by singling out one person at a time, in smaller groups to publicly give that person recognition for what you appreciate about that person or the work that they do. How it positively impacts you.  


It’s super simple and all you need is half an hour, post-its and pens. 

This is how it works

Prep work:

  • Hand out pens and post-it notes to each participant.  
  • Divide the entire group into smaller groups (at random!) with a handful of people – max 4-5 in each group. 



  1. Instruct each group to go to an area where they won’t be disturbed.  
  2. Each person will write something that they appreciate with each person in the group (excluding oneself).
  3. Once everyone has finished and written one thing that they appreciate with each of the other people in the group you start with one person. 
  4. Each of the other members of the group reads their note about that specific person and hands the note to the person in question.
  5. Once finished, you move on to the next person. 


Even though this is a great tool to have at hand at stressful periods, it’s something that in my opinion should be an anchored exercise performed at regular intervals. 


We all need recognition and appreciation. Either for our work or how we may affect others with our manners. 


Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash