How to become a better strategist

How to become a better strategist 

Here are my ten tips for anyone who wants to become a better strategist. Why is that important you ask? well, it will benefit not only a person who aims to build a business or work as a business leader. A strategic mindset, no matter if you want to employ people or be employed, is key.

1. Play board games, start with Settlers and work your way up to board games with higher complexity and more layers such as Seven Wonders or Scythe (aka, you cannot win relying on one single tactic and you play a game in a dynamic context).

2. Read books, even those you do not agree with, to understand the world from different perspectives, don’t feed your own bias. 

3. Look at and practice art, such as drawing, painting or sculpture. Or music, if that is your thing. 

4. Write down your thoughts. 

5. Engage in healthy, respectful discussions with people who think in ways other than you do, and try to both understand and learn from their perspective. 

6. Learn to listen. 

7. Listen to podcasts on various topics, not just tech or business. Understand humans, behaviour, philosophy, art, and business, and learn from others and their life stories. 

8. Learn new things, take a course, and keep educating yourself. Be a student for life and explore not just one subject but many.

9. Use technology to your advantage, not the other way around. 

10. Nourish your body, brain and soul, aka sleep, move your body and be conscious of how and what you spend your attention on. You want to be in a positive state, that helps you think better thoughts and ask better questions, no matter how stressful your contact may be.