digitalization pain point - hanging on to old organisational structures

Digital transformation pain point: Hanging on to old organisational structures

When you work with crafting digital experiences you need to build an organisation that supports that within your company. Even service providers such as digital agencies need to adapt and build teams in a new way around clients’ needs around their client’s needs. A concrete example of this is that you need to identify the best way to build teams around the experience you want to provide your customers with. They may be cross-functional or sometimes fluid teams. This, of course, put new demands on processes, competencies, communication, tools and a collaborative culture within your company.  


The solution: 

Explore different ways of working that creates the best end result. 

A good example of a solution to this is Apple. Instead of having an iPad department, they have people being experts on one thing, for example, glass. That means that those who are can work with any Apple product, not just the iPad.


Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash