A Digitalization process

I’ve made a short presentation (currently version 0.5, I worked with this method around 2013/14) to illustrate my thoughts on pre-studies for digital transformation. It contains a brief outline of a method I used and how it’s scalable to fit your project, company, challenge or intention.

When I created this my job is to understand my clients business and together with them and a team develop solution for an improved service to their customers by using and leveraging insights from data and other sources. Either it be a new online presence, a solution for a marketing mix, new website content to aid the customer in the sales processor my clients organisational needs.

The method I used is scalable to fit smaller initiatives to more extensive pre-studies which may encompass several markets, competitors, and complex internal sales processes (different products, with vastly different customers and dealers within the same brand). Or down to smaller projects such as to make a recommendation and a plan for how to better use various digital touch points and marketing channels for increased ROI and maximal use of budgets.

This is the process I’d build upon to simplify and break down any initiative in smaller manageable actions with a focus on business value that effects the clients bottom line. Either as plain revenue from sales or other valuable effects such as reducing administrational bottle necks. The focus of the method is to understand what information we need based on the challenge at hand to create the best solution that adds value.