a new era and a new normal

A new era and new normal

I don’t think that the world will look quite the same after Covid-19, if it will be an after in that regard. With that, I mean that we might even have to learn how to live with Covid-19 or other diseases in our lives going forward. 


Being all philosophical over a strong cup of coffee, there are areas that I think we will, may or I hope that we will see an increased importance on going forward. 


Increased speed of digitalization

This pandemic showed several flaws in our current system, digitalization was one of them. Certain companies or functions in our society is not up to par when it comes to digitalization, or having digital tools, workflows or services in place to be able to operate properly. They’ve been forced to perform a shift during a very challenging time. 


When it comes to the business model, many companies used their creativity and identified ways to create digital experiences of their service offerings to stay afloat. Or part of them. With that, I foresee that this pandemic is a catalyst for increasing the speed of digitalization from every aspect of running a business or any other type of organisation. 


Increased focus on sustainability 

Once we have got Covid-19 under control there will be an increased focus on sustainability. With the planet becoming warmer, unacceptable treatment of animals (that has led to several diseases, not just Covid-19) the deforestation of the rainforest and so forth. I think and hope that these types of subjects get increased focus moving forward. Not only from the general public (aka the consumer), I think this is a key component and aspect of any business. Not only from a brand value perspective, but it’s also going to affect and must be part of everything from the manufacturing process, the environmental impact of packaging to how energy efficient your headquarters are. We will have to take sustainability into account in every detail of a business. 




Compassion and community 

I believe and hope that we will keep this increased compassion for our fellow humans and the increased focus on our community. That through this pandemic and the pain and strain that is has caused us as humans. That we will now understand how important compassion for one another is. 


The increased importance of living your best life

I suspect we may see a shift in priorities. Do we really want to toil away our lives in the same way as before? I think that people want to find alternative ways of living that reduce stress and improves the way of living. With an increased focus in mental wellbeing, family and experiences that enrich our lives beyond money or possessions. 


We might even see a shift in the urbanisation due to increased possibilities to work remotely. That less people want to move to the larger cities and that there is a wave to move out to more rural areas. 


Behaviour changes and attitudes towards both digital and news 

With an increased focus on sustainability, a shift in values I foresee that a wish to reduce time spent on devices, social media and other digital platforms will spread. It already started pre-Covid with the rise of initiatives such as the Light Phone and the expansion of groups opting out of social media. 

I think we all want to spend our time (life) wisely and still expect seamless digital experiences and services when we do choose to engage in the digital world. 

I also suspect that how we consume news and media will change after the incessant coverage of Covid-19 of various media outlets. It has done nothing for our mental well-being. 


Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash