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Stay up to date on the latest insights in digital

Google Insights – data driven insights on content, consumers,and brands.

Think with Google – an insightful newsletter withe the latest insights from Google (products, audience and more)


Digital insight & data tools (for research purposes)

Google Consumer Barometer – Find data and insights for behaviour, preferences etc from different markets.

Google Trends – insight from search

– Fashioning the online path to purchase

Shopping Insights (beta tool) – allows you to explore the popularity of products in cities across the U.S


Building professional looking content and online presence on a budget

Free photos – Death To The Stock Photo  

To find out what wordpress theme a blog/site is using 

Buy professional themes at Themeforest

Get beautiful icons – Noun Project



Design inspiration

Beautiful Email Newsletters 

6 design tips to radically transform your emails


 Publish your own digital magazines and books

Issuu – a platform for posting your publications

ejunkie – a shopping cart for your website

Adobe digital publishing suite – the software you need for magazines, apps etc

Sell your creative material online with Gumroad 


e-learning platforms




Mobile knowledge – get statistics for your country, compare 2011 to 2012 data, to detect trends, opportunities and get to grips with mobile adaption in your country. – inspirational web-based playbook that will help you take your first steps towards a mobile marketing and adaption’s of your marketing activities



Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics – track your websites performance and get insight for improvements

Enecto  – know what other companies are visiting your website and get insight to connect with them

WebForensics – know what other companies are visiting your website and get insight to connect with them

Adometry – attribution modelling tool

Dashbord tool – filter out the noise, view data from all relevant sources against your business KPI’s

Event Tracking Code Generator for Google Analytics – create code to add to links etc to track events in Google Analytics (no coding skills required)


AdWords Tools

AdWords Keyword Tool – research keywords for your SEM strategy, etc

Google URL builder – track campaigns etc

AdWords Editor – batch change Google AdWords

Optimizely – for A/B testing


SEO tools

Check your website loading speed 

Do an SEO audit of your website and get a list generated of improvements (free)

WordPress sitemap generator plugin 

Google Search Console

Keyword Rank Checker

Keyword Position Tool

Googles tool for testing how mobile friendly a website is

Googles tool for a quick technical SEO audit


Display advertising

Article by Google: Inside Google Marketing: Banner Ads Can Be Creative and Effective 

Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet 

Best Ad Size Revealed by Adroll

Display Ad Standards | IAB

Mobile and tablet ad sizes