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Customer Loyalty

The Customer Loyalty Playbook for 2017 – this playbook is a online playbook from Forrester of how to upgrade and enhance your customer loyalty program. Better yet if you don’t have one already and want to create one. It cover everything from strategy to current landscape, to roadmaps which helps you take action. (You need to purchase this)

Stay up to date on the latest insights in digital

Google Insights – data driven insights on content, consumers,and brands.

Think with Google – an insightful newsletter withe the latest insights from Google (products, audience and more)


Digital insight & data tools (for research purposes)

Google Consumer Barometer – Find data and insights for behaviour, preferences etc from different markets.

Google Trends – insight from search

– Fashioning the online path to purchase

Shopping Insights (beta tool) – allows you to explore the popularity of products in cities across the U.S


Building professional looking content and online presence on a budget

Free photos – Death To The Stock Photo  

To find out what wordpress theme a blog/site is using 

Buy professional themes at Themeforest

Get beautiful icons – Noun Project

Free stock photos – Unsplash 

Insight tools

Buzzsumo – a content marketing insight tool that helps you find what content performs the best on any topic or for any competitor.


Design inspiration

Beautiful Email Newsletters 

6 design tips to radically transform your emails


 Publish your own digital magazines and books

Issuu – a platform for posting your publications

ejunkie – a shopping cart for your website

Adobe digital publishing suite – the software you need for magazines, apps etc

Sell your creative material online with Gumroad 


e-learning platforms




Mobile knowledge – get statistics for your country, compare 2011 to 2012 data, to detect trends, opportunities and get to grips with mobile adaption in your country. – inspirational web-based playbook that will help you take your first steps towards a mobile marketing and adaption’s of your marketing activities


Conversion rate optimisation and testing tools


Optimizely’s optimization glossary

Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics – track your websites performance and get insight for improvements

Enecto  – know what other companies are visiting your website and get insight to connect with them

WebForensics – know what other companies are visiting your website and get insight to connect with them

Adometry – attribution modelling tool

Dashbord tool – filter out the noise, view data from all relevant sources against your business KPI’s

Event Tracking Code Generator for Google Analytics – create code to add to links etc to track events in Google Analytics (no coding skills required)

AdWords Tools

AdWords Keyword Tool – research keywords for your SEM strategy, etc

Google URL builder – track campaigns etc

AdWords Editor – batch change Google AdWords



SEO tools

Check your website loading speed 

Do an SEO audit of your website and get a list generated of improvements (free)

WordPress sitemap generator plugin 

Google Search Console

Keyword Rank Checker

Keyword Position Tool

Googles tool for testing how mobile friendly a website is

Googles tool for a quick technical SEO audit


Display advertising

Article by Google: Inside Google Marketing: Banner Ads Can Be Creative and Effective 

Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet 

Best Ad Size Revealed by Adroll

Display Ad Standards | IAB

Mobile and tablet ad sizes 

Free content resources

Free Music Archive