How to be more productive

How to create a roadmap

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One of the easiest and simples tools for planning activities and aligning a team (including the client in the team here if you work “agency side”) is to make a roadmap. This creates focus, and puts the work in a context in terms of time needed as well as for example what other external agencies need to pitch in and deliver by when to get things done.


How to Host effective meetings


Meetings can be both stressful and the single most effective way to move a project to the next level. The earlier if you have too many meetings in a row without a clear purpose, the latter to work through challenges, that may be perceived as greater than they actually are while being discussed in epic emails back and forth.


4 must read business magazines

must read business magazines

These are 4 of my absolute favourite business magazines that I go to for solid advice on almost anything that makes my curiosity tick. A perfect Sunday morning for me, consists of a long breakfast with one of these magazines and at least two large home-made vegan lattes.


On intention and goal setting


2015 is in full swing and the calm of the holiday period may or may not have given one the opportunity to go within and do some self-assessments for the new year. Nevertheless, a new year is an opportunity for a fresh start for many, therefore I thought I’d share something I recently found in a book that I started to read during my Christmas break.  I found this useful for setting goals and gaining clarity on intention.

It’s five quick questions which I will take with me throughout 2015 as a tool. Not just for the start of this year, but throughout the year.