November link list


November came and went, here’s a few noteworthy links that I take with me.

Inc list 10 though leaders you should follow 

Is programmatic advertising reaching maturity?  This article lists 10 signs that it’s in fact so (UK perspective) list her 6 favourite career sights for women.

7 very good reasons you should read more books. From increased focus to decreased stress.

A framework on Thrive, from Tony Robbins, on handling uncertain times.

7 ways to change things in your life 

Girlboss helps you to write a press release that does not suck

How Kayla Itsines built an empire from helping others

Arianna Huffington on improving company culture:

Project summary & account overview reports

project summary and reports

If you work on larger client accounts with several stakeholders and manage several projects and/or larger team, it’s helpful to supply your client with an regular overview of the activities and status of each.

This can be done on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the pace and amount of activities. This does not only help the client but makes you look up-to-date and be of service as a Program Manager or Account Manager/Director that help the client manage the overview of different work-streams and assist in supporting the collaboration between the companies that you are responsible for uniting.

This is my framework which I adapt to fit the account I’m responsible for. I usually plot each initiative, project or open request in the actual order they are currently prioritized to be in a better position to supply an overview for everyone involved.

  • Project name
  • Status (work done, phase, economy/hours spend/budget – very short and brief)
  • Current project challenges/risks/or similar/Any lose ends or dependencies (missing deliveries from other agencies)
  • Important dates – meetings coming up or deadlines within the project
  • If anything has happened on that particular project, list actionable steps made to rectify or prevent this for the future. (focus on action and improvements)

I also, personally like to sum up with the delivered projects, if applicable. With any invoicing information, when it can be expected, as then I have given heads up to the stakeholders that usually needs to go through some invoice-approval software etc.

This is something I send to everyone who is involved, weather they work client or agency side.

Image credit: I found this on Pinterest via Google Image search, no source or photographer was stated.

How to create a roadmap

image credit: - Central-Saint-Martins-Louise-Wilson
One of the easiest and simples tools for planning activities and aligning a team (including the client in the team here if you work “agency side”) is to make a roadmap. This creates focus, and puts the work in a context in terms of time needed as well as for example what other external agencies need to pitch in and deliver by when to get things done.


How to Host effective meetings


Meetings can be both stressful and the single most effective way to move a project to the next level. The earlier if you have too many meetings in a row without a clear purpose, the latter to work through challenges, that may be perceived as greater than they actually are while being discussed in epic emails back and forth.


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