Month: September 2017

3 key insights for Youtube and how to use them

Youtube has become such a huge an important platform to be on. Here are three insights from Think With Google with a note on how to use these insights, in your own work with modern marketing.

Comment: Youtube is not just for the gamers, vloggers and make-up tutorials, however there is a large community of these types of personalities and channels out there. Try to put your biases aside and see the potential for the “older” target audiences. Video is equally if not more so, relevant and useful for them.

Comment: There is a new celebrity in town and that can well be the girl next door. Youtubers are in many cases more authentic and relatable then huge stars and there is no question about the new commercial power these Youtubers have. So next time you are launching a new product – how can you leverage influencers on youtube?


Comment: A behaviour that is now very common and is a phase that should be included in your marketing and communications strategy is the research phase. Recommendations, tutorials and reviews are imperative to your product success. So think about how to leverage Youtube when it comes to your products in your marketing efforts. Working purely with sponsorships of influencers will get you so far, think a step further – what magazines got Youtube channels? what videos can you make yourself and who do you need to get behind your product to get it out there.

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5 possibilities with youtube for your brand

Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world and it’s home to a wealth of information about any topic, and equally as much content in the forms of vlogs documenting the modern humans lifestyle, trends and struggles.

How can you leverage this for your company and brand? Here are 5 quick ideas:

1. Create videos that compliment your brand, products and ethos. Either you can be useful and make instructional videos or videos showcasing your products in an inspirational way.  Or why not make your own channel creating your own show on a topic that is relevant for your target audience? If you are unsure, go out there and do your research.

2. If you don’t want to create your own videos you can be known for showcasing your expertise in an area by curating and crafting useful playlist with videos on various topics. Make sure to include vital keywords in the titles of the playlist to ensure they come up in the search results.

3. You can work with vloggers to get your product out there, either it be by pitching your products for video tutorials or by working with inviting Youtube influencers from famous channels to your own.

4. For marketing and placing ads or commercials, there is plenty of opportunity on Youtube to find the right type of channels within a specific niches, to really find and reach your target audience.

5. Monitor and comment on channels and videos that covers topics close to your product and/or market and help people, be useful, give advice and answer to questions and comments on other channels videos.


IMAGE: made by Think With Google 

Nytt perspektiv?

fika lunch image found on pinterest

Vill du ha ett nytt perspektiv på de utmaningar som din verksamhet står inför när det gäller er digitala närvaro?

Eller vill du få en ny infallsvinkel på hur du kan använda de digitala möjligheterna för att uppnå din verksamhets affärsmål?

Bor eller kommer du att vara i Göteborg inom de närmsta tre månaderna?

Under hösten och vintern har jag fyra tillfällen då jag vill träffa andra, helt förutsättningslöst, för en fika (eller lunch) för att diskutera just digital affärsutveckling, strategi och marknadsföring.

Är du intresserad? maila mig här.

Eller vet du någon som skulle vara intresserad? Dela gärna detta inlägg så det kommer utanför mitt nätverk 🙂  

Image found on Pinterest, no source was quoted. (Not photographed by me, love to know who made this though)

Why one size marketing does not fit all

Image by

There’s no one size fits all approach to marketing in several countries – at least not yet. Of course there are in some cases cultural similarities between for example the nordic countries, however that’s where it ends, similarities are not the same as equally “the same”.

That’s why, when you work with global marketing management, you need a framework, and an approach that is flexible enough to adapt the brand, marketing and communication to each country you have or aim to have a presence in.

And here is a short list of some key points that you need to consider, when it comes to local adaptions and why they are necessary.